BYODC Radio 1

BYODC RADIO ARCHIVE #1 (Date unknown, 2017)

Notes appear in order as I re-listened to the mix, the older they are the more likely I lost the track list. Still mp3's for now though so enjoy that. 🔮


Alright feeling grief for Sada's passing right off the bat here with the kundalini ong namo opener. In Seattle around 2014 I went to his weekly class at the universal church in south lake union. My buddy and I had been turned on the the ecstatic practice after taking a couple free sessions at the neighboring satanic church but found the instructors to be flaky at best.

The year I became a regular was the genesis of the drum circle project. Listening to the earth gong he used for the meditation at sessions. Our practice when I was going was something like 30 minutes of breathing exercises and chants, 30 of vigorous yoga, and another 30 minute block of chanting meditation and gong assisted savasana.

Sada and his practice was one of the puzzle pieces for me to totally change my whole experience.



  • Ong Namo chant, not sure where I pulled this
  • Just getting into the dead here with some suggestions from Tom
  • Living on the hill, record collecting and into the Byrds, really set the stage for a bunch of interests a few years before we started spending all out time in the mojave
  • That khrugubin song that I bumped through all the 2019 summer we lived out in JT. This sounded so good through my JBL's in the cabin.
  • Basho! Mystic outsider folk, the listener must spend time with this record
  • Folky laurel canyon vibe, my images of southern California starting to form before I even took on that journey
  • Mystic ecstatic country masters call
  • damn this mix is good
  • Very fuzzy Gene Clark "no other" into uncle acid. I was doing yoga to this uncle acid album a lot.
  • Wow weed eater? bongzilla? Something like that happy 4/20 hell yeah
  • Alright these are great but I made this mix like 20 minutes too long, sugar magnolia would have been a closer in itself
  • Don't know what this is, but its is so wonderful and corny, this is showing me why I mixed these instead of just making them playlists.
  • I forgot about this and was nice and surprised by it. Move with love!
Written by Glenn Newcomer