BYODC Radio 3


Notes appear in order as I re-listened to the mix, the older they are the more likely I lost the track list. Still mp3's for now though so enjoy that. 🔮


This one feels more like the shape I'm familiar with now, more cohesive with slower turns in direction, more haze and atmosphere. I don't think I left LA county very much this summer, but I was riding the Santa Monica mountains (Sullivan canyon, Murphy ranch, mullholland, Mandeville canyon) a lot and eating at the fish taco hut tucked into a tire store on Lincoln. So this episode feels a lot like our routine that season, Take Five was my walk on music at work, Lodge bread played a lot of pharaoh sanders, I listened to a lot of dead when I had to drive. 


  • Seeds - Can't seem to make you mine
  • Okay Temiz
  • Don Cherry - Utopia and Visions
  • Not sure, maybe Mattson 2
  • Black Sabbath
  • Hawkwind 
  • Galt MacDermot
  • Take Five (But by who?? This version is great)
  • Pharaoh sanders - Astral traveling
  • Roy Ayers
  • Not sure but sounds like more Turkish psych
  • Joyful, fuzzy St Stephen (Wish I wrote this down but early-mid 70's?)
  • Sun Ra - Door of the cosmos
Written by Glenn Newcomer