BYODC Radio 4


Notes appear in order as I re-listened to the mix, the older they are the more likely I lost the track list. Still mp3's for now though so enjoy that. 🔮


This is the yoga playlist, deep vibration wheel turning. Sound scape, chanting, out of body savasana. I bought a Prandit Pran Nath lp based on the cover and it gave me some keys to this music. I'm archiving these from 2021 doing yoga while our baby tries to climb me. Dan Higgs comes in at a transition point and sets intention for the practice.


  • Enno Velthuys - Morning Glory
  • r beny - Crystals & Graves
  • Jon Hassell - Blues Nile
  • Barn Owl - Visions in Dust
  • OM - Cremation Ghat II
  • Lungfish - Oppress Yourself
  • Meg Baird - Between Two Worlds
  • Don Slepian - Awakening
  • Laraaji - Moon Shadows
  • Prandit Pran Nath
  • Eluvium - Everything To Come
  • Tim Hecker - Dungeoneering
  • Link Wray - God Out West
Written by Glenn Newcomer