BYODC Radio 2

BYODC RADIO ARCHIVE #1 (Date unknown, 2015)

Notes appear in order as I re-listened to the mix, the older they are the more likely I lost the track list. Still mp3's for now though so enjoy that. 🔮

This would have been our first winter in LA, living on the west side. Had just taken our holiday break in New Mexico, seen Kikugaku Moyo at pappy and harriets (top 10 show for me, the liquid light show and no shoes was the perfect scene), going out and dry camping in the Mojave preserve. Our Santa Monica place was a couple blocks up from the route of the Hare Krishna parade, which I feel coming through a little in this mix but before I started really listening to kirtan.


  • Gong-y soundscape, probably Laaraji?
  • Kikugaku Moyo
  • Gaboz Sazo? Something Turkish psych sounding. I'm not sure but I love these synths in the haze, its like it could be a string played through a shitty speaker and recorded, feels perfect.
  • I have no idea, but I like this. Maybe a Sandy Bull kinda soundscape? Dunno seems more modern, I think it could be Alps.
  • Okay this one I remember, Eden Abez, this guy has the whole thing going on: "he traveled in sandals and wore shoulder-length hair and beard, and white robes. He camped out below the first L in the Hollywood Sign above Los Angeles and studied Oriental mysticism. He slept outdoors with his family and ate vegetables, fruits, and nuts. He claimed to live on three dollars per week."
  • Jefferson airplane
  • No idea but these two take me back to listening to zamrock comps, love the keys and recording on these.
  • Okay I didn't take good notes through this stretch but its a haze: standing out to me was Barn Owl, Jim Sullivan, Damien Jurado, Alice Coltrane.
Written by Glenn Newcomer